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Top Tips for Cleaning Your Pavers

Paver patios, walkways, and driveways elevate a home's exterior appeal, adding beauty, value, and fabulous outdoor living spaces. However, these hardscaped areas inevitably fall victim to the effects of environmental exposure and heavy use over time, leading to a dull, dirty, and stained appearance that detracts from their original splendor.

Fortunately, by employing the proper specialized paver cleaning techniques and solutions, you can effectively remove built-up grime, restore vibrant paver colors, and maintain that coveted new look for years. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your investment in these striking paved areas will continue to enhance your home's curb appeal and outdoor enjoyment.

Effective Ways to Clean Your Pavers

Here are the top tips from the Radiant Exteriors, LLC, team for cleaning your pavers and maintaining that brilliant, just-installed look.

  • Remove Surface Debris - The first step is to remove any loose debris on the paver surface using a broom or leaf blower. Built-up dirt, leaves, branches, and lawn clippings can trap moisture and lead to discoloration or growth of mold, mildew, and weeds between pavers. Make sure to sweep out any crevices where debris likes to accumulate thoroughly.

  • Apply the Right Paver Cleaner - Not all cleaners are suitable for pavers. Many contain harsh chemicals that can damage or discolor the surface. Choose an eco-friendly paver cleaner made specifically for the job. Look for products containing active enzymes or oxygen-based formulas. Avoid using chlorinated cleaners. Apply the product liberally and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Let the Cleaner Do Its Work - Most paver cleaners work best when allowed to dwell and penetrate through dirt and grime. Don't rush the process-give it ample time to break down stains and organic contaminants before scrubbing or rinsing. Check the product directions for recommended dwell times.

  • Scrub for Tougher Stains - For heavily soiled or stained areas, use a stiff bristle brush to gently scrub the surface once the cleaner has had time to work. Pay close attention to areas around grills, planters, and outdoor furniture where contaminants accumulate. Make a baking soda paste with water for stuck-on stains and work it into the surface with a scrub brush.

  • Rinse Thoroughly - Complete the cleaning process by thoroughly rinsing using a pressure washer or garden hose with a psi nozzle. Work in sections to remove cleaner residues and any debris you've lifted off the pavers. Make sure to get in between joints and crevices. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly before walking on it.

Consider Paver Sealing, as the coating will enhance their color and vibrancy and make them more resistant to future staining and weathering. Choose a high-quality paver sealer to protect against UV damage, water penetration, and freeze/thaw cycles. Seal new pavers about 60-90 days after installation and re-seal every 2-3 years as needed.

Stay on top of maintenance and consider hiring professionals to meet your paver cleaning requirements. Call Radiant Exteriors, LLC today at 813-551-7157 for information about these services. You can also email us using this Contact Us form, and we will contact you to understand which services you need.
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