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Efflorescence Services, Wesley Chapel, FL Efflorescence affects almost all cement-based surfaces on your property. It takes place because of the migration of soluble compounds that originate from masonry. For example, efflorescence grows over the tile and can cover your shower drain. It can cause cracks in the tile and grout. So, how do you protect different cement surfaces in your home or commercial property from this phenomenon? At Radiant Exteriors, we can provide the ideal solution to overcome this challenge.

Things to Know About Efflorescence

When concrete pavers or other cement-based surfaces on your property suffer from efflorescence, it should be seen as a natural process. It is usually not a sign of damage or defect.

  • When there is heavy efflorescence, it is usually a sign of poor drainage that occurs at the bottom of the driveways. Effective drainage can help minimize this effect.
  • Efflorescence can usually be treated with an acid wash.
  • Paver manufacturers usually put chemical additives in the concrete to lower the chances of efflorescence.
  • There are specialized chemicals designed for removing efflorescence and can help enhance the natural elegance of concrete surfaces.

Everyone wants their outdoor living space to look its best. Efflorescence can interfere with the flawless look of paving stones and other surfaces. Carbon dioxide can mix with calcium hydroxide and form efflorescence.

Sealing Concrete Pavers

Any fresh concrete pavers should be allowed to cure for at least 2 weeks before being sealed. Else, the seal can trap the white haze made up of calcium carbonate and create an unsightly appearance. This is where we differentiate our services. We will carefully evaluate your concrete-based surfaces before providing efflorescence sealing and blocking services.

Efflorescence blockers are effective and versatile products designed for blocking and preventing this alkali and efflorescence from rising to the surface of the substrate. Blocking is more suited for applications where efflorescence cannot be prevented and requires regular maintenance.

For example, efflorescence blockers are sued for floors with failed waterproofing membranes or where moisture penetration cannot be avoided. The result is a natural-looking surface with some of the surface becoming slightly dark. These blockers act as preventative measures. If there is already efflorescence staining, our professionals will remove it before any application.

Efflorescence Removal

When you start noticing efflorescence, it doesn't mean that the concrete surface has started disintegrating. Our efflorescence removal process helps remove the soluble salt and alkali deposit. Our experienced and qualified professionals can help return the look of your concrete paving stones back to their original form.

Efflorescence can appear on all kinds of cement-based surfaces. Our services focus on both removal and blocking. If you live in Pasco, Polk and Hillsborough Counties and have any queries about efflorescence removal, feel free to contact Radiant Exteriors. We are glad to help you with customized solutions. As a family-owned and operated business, we serve both residential and commercial property owners in the region. You can reach us at (813) 551-7157. You can also send us a message and we will get back to you at the earliest.
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